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FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform

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Escape your work rut with the Claris FileMaker® 19 Platform

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Friday, February 25, 2022, U.S. & Canada - East Coast: 1:00pm EST, West Coast: 10:00am PST, EUROPE: 7:00pm CEST


Web seminar


Your team is frustrated. They're losing time to double data entry, decentralized documents, and poor version control. Workflows are scattered and your team is forced to move between disconnected appliance apps that don't do everything you need and enterprise systems that are bloated and expensive.

The good news? You can be the hero who introduces a better way to work!

Join Direct Impact Solutions to unleash your expertise. Learn how to: create a custom app to reduce repetitive, mundane tasks; share your app instantly across any device; and integrate it with your existing technology stack.

The Claris Platform offers the ideal path to deliver modern custom apps that have been making businesses grow for decades.

This presentation is mainly intended for new adopters of the platform. For those who are already familiar with it, we will also highlight Claris FileMaker 19 features.

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